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 Autism Society the Heartland

The Autism Society the Heartland is very excited to be able to be a part of this project. Launching the Just Like You Autism Film has been able to open the door to many opportunities for discussions in the home, classroom and the community. This film is able to bring education to another level of understanding and including others.

Thank you to all the donors and supporters to help bring this film to life. We appreciate a grant from the Hussman Foundation in partnership with the National Autism Society, to help support this film project.

The Autism Society the Heartland focuses on the whole person and the family. We are creating opportunities for training, activities, self advocacy and support. In 2015 we are planning to add more to our services for example, Employment, Adult Services, It's A Girl Thing- events and activities for the ladies, continue our Swim and Safety Program, Just Like You- Autism Film promotion, Sibling Supports, as well as continuing to collaborate with area service providers. To schedule a showing of Just Like You Autism at your school or community event contact us at 913-706-0042 or email




Just Like You Films

Just Like You Films is a nonprofit organization that creates films and materials that educate our audiences about subjects including childhood cancer, burns, Down syndrome and autism.

We capture real life stories that reveal how we are more alike than we are different. This helps facilitate the physical and emotional healing of exceptional children by creating an environment of acceptance.

JLY founder, Jen Greenstreet, gave up her law practice in 2003 to dedicate herself to helping children through film. With the assistance of Emmy-winning cinematographer, Isaac Alongi, Jen has produced several compelling, documentary-style films featuring children with burns, cancer and Down syndrome. These poignant films are told from the perspective of courageous individuals who are not defined or limited by their conditions. Instead, they are “just like you.”